3D 360° Videos

360° videos are a supreme discipline for the VR content production. We offer 2D and, as a unique competency, also 3D video-solutions for local takes, with a remote-controlled Rover or Drones for aerial videos.

For starting a panorama just click on the respective picture. Precondition: your Browser supports WebGL.

Eisbach River Surfing

Canoe Championship

Indoor flight

Cajun Festival, 3D using anaglyph (red/green) glasses

The last video about the Cajun Concert is an example for a 3-dimensional 360° video. Please tell us if you have ever seen 3D videos in a better quality. We believe our capabilities are truly unique.

For these kind of takes we use 2 cameras in each direction and in eye distance. Our brain is able to build and experience the pictures stereoscopic.

Usually you would use a VR-headset, e.g. our highset and an appropriate player. On a 2D screen, like the website and your browser you need to use Red-Green-Glasses for perceiving the 3D effect.

Enjoy ;-)


The highlsam App is a relaxation program in virtual environments and it simply makes you feel happy (available for iOS and Android)

Whale watching


Mercedes me-Store in Munich, Germany
at the Odeonsplatz:
3D 360° photos for Browsers with WebGL

The Swissôtel App takes you virtually to the magnificent Swissôtel in Berlin, directly at the famous Kurfürstendamm. What a great mixture of Hotel and Modern Art Museum.

Swissôtel Berlin at the Kurfürstendamm

Swissotel Junior Suite

Restaurant 44

Business Lounge

Cooking Studio

Palermo Bar

VR worlds based on CAD data

With CAD data, textures, light, shadow and any type of further information, rooms are put in an amazing and stunning context.