Dive into Virtual Reality with the VR-highboard. Better than the original, it offers a lot of quality for little money. The best to start with.


Within seconds you can experience fantastic and breathtaking new worlds. You only need your smartphone, a VR-App and the VR-highboard.

Compared with other cardboards, the VR-highboard offers many advantages. Bigger and better lenses and a great design.

It is robust, made to last and it is protecting your smartphone, which can't fall out at the side or to the front.

The VR-highboard is perfect for all smartphones from 4,7“ up to 6“ display size.

Simple to assemble
without glue or fastener
High quality Cardboard,
laminated in white color
(avoids grease spots like on other
types of simple Cardboards)
One size fits all Smartphones
from 4,7" to 6" display size
Big lenses for a superb
picture quality
(37 mm diameter, 45 mm focus)
Secure fit for the Smartphone
(with other Cardboards they
can easily fall out)
Ergonomically designed
for a perfect grip

Unit Price

Introductory price for early birds
14,90 € instead of 17,90 €

SHIPPING DATE: 18. April 2016


Gift Box

10 VR-highboards
for just 124,00 €

Business Gift

The ideal gift. Starting with 1.000 units,
the highboard can be customized
with your own 4c print

Assembly instruction video

Download assembly instruction (PDF 1.4 MB)